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When I started to think about what I wanted to do for the applied project, my first thought was to get some youth involvement. My original idea was to hold a drive for necessary products such as, clothing, hygiene products, blankets, etc. I had said in an earlier post that this was interesting and important to me because because working with young men, I know how hard it is for them to ask or even tell us that they may be in need of things. I was going to go to different members within the community and ask for donations. My goal was to hold a drive and donate anything received in the drive to local shelters.

Then I started to think about more ideas after talking to peers and co-workers and I came up with the idea of helping people who were homeless by providing care kits (a bag of necessary products) and it would be donated to the Bridge House here in Plymouth, NH. With this idea, I would be able to involve youth more with the process of getting the products and making the bags. I also felt that this would be a great community service project for the young men that would volunteer to help. I also felt it would be a good idea overall because we would be helping people who don’t necessarily ask for help.

I started off  by going to the store to see what items I needed to create the care kits for homeless people. My goal was to create twenty bags (ten for males and ten for females) to donate to the Bridge House here in Plymouth, NH.

Image by Nicole Ntourntourekas

I started off with a list of items I would like to get; the list consisted of, male and female deodorant, soap bars, maxi pads (for the female bags), tooth paste, tooth brush, band aids, tissues, male and female razors, combs, cotton swabs, nail clippers and head bands (for females).

Image by Nicole Ntourntourekas

The male bags consisted of deodorant, soap bar, travel kit of tooth brush/tooth paste, 4 band aids, pack of tissues, pair of socks, razor, comb, 12 cotton swabs, nail clipper and an inspirational quote. With the female bag consisting of deodorant, soap bar, travel kit of tooth brush/ tooth paste, 4 band aids, pack of tissues, pair of socks, razor, comb, 12 cotton swabs, nail clipper, maxi-pads, hand band and an inspirational quote. Each bag received an inspirational quote because I thought it would be something nice to receive when someone is going through a rough time.

Image by Nicole Ntourntourekas

For over 200 items, the total cost was $96.00. Twenty bags were made with the help of two individuals from Mount Prospect Academy. These two young men volunteered their time for a good cause and were willing to help with everything. One of the young men went to the store and helped picked out everything while staying on budget. Once all the items were retrieved, the two young men formed an assembly line to create each of the bags and overall everything was done in good time. We felt very accomplished and overjoyed with the final product.

Image by Nicole Ntourntourekas

There were some left over items that one of the young men asked if he could have and I said, “of course seeing as you helped put this together.”

Two weeks ago, the care kits were delivered to the Bridge House and they were overjoyed to receive the bags because it was close to Thanksgiving time. I was told by the lady at the front desk that Thanksgiving was the busiest day of the year.

This is important to me because it’s going to help members of the community that need the extra help or some extra support in their time of need. This project helped me with getting youth/juveniles involved with community service and to me that’s a big step for them being willing to help out by volunteering. This giving me hope for the future that I would be able to get more youth involved him such activities.

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