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Personal learning network (PLN) is an informal network that consist of people creating interacts with one and other in-order to develop relationships within their field of interest. In a PLN, a person is making connections with people who have similar interest as them, along with the idea that some type of learning will occur in the process with that connection. People use their own personal learning environment to gain knowledge from others as well as interacting with groups or individuals that share the same interest and/ or  ideas.

For my own personal learning network, I chose Twitter because it was the easiest way to be connected with networking. I wasn’t a bad fan of Twitter (and still not a big fan) but it does open the door to the operation to network and search for organization that is related to the field i study. Personally, I only use Twitter for accounts that relate to what I’m learning and want to pursue a career in. I also follow news accounts because I feel that it’s important to be aware of what going on in the world.

As learned in class, a Open Pedagogy is learning about Open Educational Resources (OER) and openly licensed textbooks. Open Education resources is broken down to the 5 R’s; reuse, retain, redistribute, revise and remix. It was brought to my attention when I read the article 5 Why Openness In Education, that students were spending about $900 on books per year. With an open pedagogy, professional can make it easier on students to save money by using openly licensed textbooks. The best part for students that would be free and easier to access. Another article that was brought to my attention was 6 Open Pedagogy, within the article it stated ” we are directly impacting that student’s ability to enroll in, persist through, and successfully complete a course.” This is talking about the ability for any student to attend and succeed in college through open pedagogy.

Connected Learning as stated in 9 Excerpts from “Connected Learning: A Context For Interdisciplinarity”, it’s a type of learning that engages people interest, peer relationship and career-relevant areas. It is a way to expand on your educational opportunities. This is done with looking at digital media (like Twitter) in-order to interact, express and learn through social media. This is a way to help students be engaged and interested in their academic. This is the way the world is transformating and it’s starting with connected learning also with open pedagogy.

With PLN, it’s opening up connects and making me aware of information I didn’t know before. It’s engaging to be connected with people that relate to my field and hopefully will help me build professional relationship. This is beneficial because any field that your interested in changes overtime and it’s nice to be connected with social media in a way that I’m gaining education through it. Twitter for me at first was very overwhelming and not something that I thought I could get into. But with be introduced to it again and connecting it with mt education, I got a better understand on how it could help me improve in my future into a career.

Below shows my personal tweets/likes…


Update: Fall 2018

I created my PLN with Robin DeRosa last semester in Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies and at first I didn’t think I would like using Twitter but after a few uses, I actually enjoyed using it an extent. Looking at my Twitter account now, I realized that I have 37 follower when I started off with maybe five.  I’m following 138 accounts that consistent of Psychology, Criminology, Social Work and Educational accounts.

To continue my personal learning network this semester, I plan to follow more accounts that are reliable to my plan. Recently, I followed NYC ACS Twitter account which is NYC Administration for Children’s Services provides child welfare, juvenile justice, and early care and education services. My hope is to follow more like this one and further my knowledge.

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  1. Twitter may not be the right tool for you, so don’t feel like you have to force it! Though I, too, tend to really use Twitter for professional reasons, and not at all for purely social interaction or entertainment. I find it powerful for those things. Either way, I appreciate you giving it a go and exploring what is possible!

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