This Personal Learning Network Portfolio below is a collection of posts from my social media platform of Twitter. Throughout the semester, I’ve posted articles that were reacted to my field, have re-posted tweets from other classmates, and have shared my post throughout the course. I have followed my classmates on their journeys and provided feedback when necessary or even shown my excitement on their progress.


Compared to the beginning of the semester, I have gained three more followers compared to when I first started this with maybe five followers. I’ve been following 142 accounts now that consist of classmates, professors, scholars related to my field of interest, and even companies within my field that I hope to be apart of one day.

With my own Personal Learning Network, it connects me with fields that I’m interested in and keeps me aware of information I wouldn’t know about otherwise. Twitter has helped me stay engaged and kept me connected with people that have peaked my interested and hope to still follow even after this course is over.

This Personal Learning Network has educated me the importance of connected learning and kept me engaged on articles that are related to my program. Using Twitter helps me interact, express and learn through social media. This is a way to get more involved in my own academics and to be more knowledgeable in the my career-relevant area. With my Personal Learning Network, I can connect and stay aware of information that I wouldn’t know about without using Twitter.

At first, I was not interested in Twitter and barely used it even though I had an account. Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies introduced me to the resources that I can use in my favor and now I have a better understanding how to improve in my future career after this experience. I don’t know if I would still use in the same way I’m using it now but I will keep it open and follow everything that is happening and also read articles that are relevant to what I want to do for a career.

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