Research Paper Prospectus

For my research paper, I will be working on the topic of DCYF (NH Social Service), ACS (NYC Social Service), DCF (MA Social Service), and placement statistics because I want to find out more about these programs and what they do as a whole in order help out our youth in need. I want to get a better understanding how DCYF, ACS, DCF work, along with statistics on that success rates and possibly rates of returns, in terms of talking about placements.

My reasoning for being interested in this topic is because of my job. Working at Becket Family Services, I’m curious to understanding more on how other programs, including DCYF, work. I threw in that I wanted to see the rates of success and the rates of returns because that is another thing I want to learn about. I want to know if programs, like Becket, actually do help our youth. In the four or so months that I’ve been working, I have seen a few of the kids come back. This is also interesting to me because when people ask me questions the overall work I want to do, I can example to them this type of research because I would have better knowledge on the topic.

I want to start my research as soon as possible. I plan to look up articles on these topics and see what I find from there.

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I also plan to contact DCYF, ACS, DCF, and even talk to Becket to possible interview someone that can give me an overall about their companies. My hope is to gather statistics while I talk to them as well, I can also do this by looking through their websites.


Library Sources:

Baker, H. (2013). Child Welfare Demonstration Projects: New Approaches to Improving Outcomes for Children and Families. Policy & Practice (19426828)71(6), 32–33. Retrieved from


News Paper Article:


Direct Links to Social Services Websites:


September 24th: Start research; Library sources, ILL, News articles, etc.

October 1st: Gather numbers to call, make a plan (outline of questions I want to ask), and schedule personal time for this.

October 8th: Make calls and set up appointments for interviews (if needed).

October 15th: Start an outline of the research paper (gather thoughts).

October 22nd: My goal for this day is to have a couple of pages started.

October 29th: Continue with the paper.

November 5th: Seek out a peer or go to the writing lab to edit my paper.

Others days to be continued…

Applied Project Prospectus

(CC BY-SA 2.0 image by Eva Rinaldi)

For my applied project, I plan to do something along the lines of a community service that involved youth. I want to be able to either hold a drive that would include; clothing, can foods, hygiene products, etc. and be able to make bags or baskets and donate them to either the youth center or the homeless shelter here in Plymouth, NH. I would be doing this by asking for donations of companies/ businesses within the community. I’ve even spoken to someone within my own company that does community service all the time, and she recommended that I read a proposal to Becket, asking for donations to help with the cause.

I wanted to involve youth, mainly boys within my company that I work with, to get them involved. This would be a good way to show them community service skills and doing something within the community they live in. I would also like to be awareness to the stigma that not all Becket kids are “bad”.



October 1st: Make a solid plan on how to processed with gather sources for applied project

October 8th: Make fliers to bring awareness to the cause

October 15th: Contact local companies/business. Also, contact the local community center, homeless shelter and possibly the youth center. This is to gather information on things that might be needed besides what I’m thinking about doing.

October 22nd: Develop a plan (maybe having Becket be apart of it) and ask for permission to have student involvement.

October 29th: Have the plan set in place and start working…

Others days to be continued…



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  1. Hey Nicole!
    I think both your paper and project sound awesome. I’ve had a few classes with you in the past couple semesters and I can tell how important this work is to you which is extremely inspiring! Your project sounds super cool and is such a great idea. I think its probably going to be easier on your part too because you have experience working with services like the ones you mentioned and kids who are involved in those programs. I would say you seem like you’re on a good track with everything! I can’t wait to hear about how this turns out

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