When Neglected Children Become Adolescents

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I came across this article when I was doing research for another class. The reason I stopped to read it was because of my job. I’ve heard many stories about how the kids I work with are neglected or the idea that they don’t talk to their families. When Neglected Children Become Adolescents, is an article from the Boston Children’s Hospital and it talks about a study that was done with children in Romanian orphanages and their story about how they were separated by their family. This article also speaks of the idea of when children are their parents are separated (usually when migrating at the U.S. border), because the children are very young, they usually end up in shelters. While in these shelters, the children go through stress, a sense of neglect and minimal social and cognitive stimulation. The children often feel a sense of abandonment. This article talks about the long-tern deprivation and separation anxiety from childhood to adolescence.

APA Citation:

Boston Children’s Hospital. (2018, September 27). When neglected children become adolescents: Study of children in Romanian orphanages tells cautionary tale about family separation. ScienceDaily. Retrieved October 11, 2018 from www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/09/180927145549.htm

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