Young teens join gangs seeking ‘family’ culture

This is an interesting Fox five article on why young teens are joining gangs today and that reasoning is because they are seeking a “family culture” that they may not be receiving at home.

Below is a video of a psychologist exampling his point of view of the matter.

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I chose this as a post because since I’ve been doing research on youth and gangs, this news article was brought to my action and I believe is a great source to being awareness to the matter.

This article connects with my research because my audience is most likely going to be parents of youth that might be in a gang or parents who feel like there children are considering joining a gang. This fits well with my research because apart of me does feel like youth do join gangs because they are seeking that “family culture” but there many more factors as to why youth join gangs. I’ve had many stories of individuals who have joined and example why they have and its not just because of the seeking of “family culture”.


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